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     Mountain View                  Gen1pro

Skype id : gen1pro

March 25, 2017 01:48:22
Users: 11,925
Paid: $4,761 USD

Upgrade to ultimate membership and get 100 percent upgrade commissions.
Membership costs 50 cents only.
Whenever one of your referrals upgrade to ultimate membership, 50 cents upgrade commission is added to your main balance for instant withdraw.
Membership expires in 7 days.
If you reffer 10 friends you, will get 5 dollars upgrade commission.
And as they will upgrade their membership every week.
Commissions will be added to your main balance every week.

Buy Ultimate membership
Reffer some friends.
Q) What I have to do?
A) Deposit money and buy membership.

Q) How much does it cost?
A) Membership costs 50 cents only.

Q) How much time will it take for the money to appear in my main balance?
A) Balance will be added instantly as soon as you referral upgrades.
All the money will goto main balance for instant withdrawals.

Q) Do you accept Paypal?
A) Paypal is too risky for any PTC site. We only accept PerfectMoney at the moment.
Reffer more and more friends.
If you find it difficult to reffer members, send me a spport ticket. I will try my best to help you.